Amazing Wedding Invitation Design

Planning your dream wedding is exciting, fun, overwhelming (in a good way), and also time-consuming. But after you have selected a venue, your dress, and florals, there is still one important task left –  creating an amazing wedding invitation design. So, you will want to set the tone and style when crafting the invitation. 

A wedding invitation needs to display the importance of your special day. This game is quite tricky since there is so much to consider. It should be concise yet informative and should set the stage for what guests can expect during the wedding such as colors, tone, & theme, and so on.

Amazing Wedding Invitation Design
Amazing Wedding Invitation Design


8 Design Tips For The Perfect Wedding Invitation 

Below, you will find out some essential tips needed to design the wedding invitation by yourself or by working with a professional designer.

Find Inspiration For Your Wedding Invitation

If you have not created a wedding invitation before, consider looking for great examples online that can help you produce some ideas of your own. However, if this is your own wedding, find what kind of styles work best for you and the overall style of your wedding. If designing is not one of your talents, there are numerous options for wedding invitation services online or in your area.  

You can also see some perfect invitation designs and consider selecting them for any custom wedding design work you might need.

Consider Types Of Paper Stock

Selecting the paper is the fun part. Card stock varies by materials, texture, feel, and price. However, when thinking about paper, keep your wedding style in mind. There are many to select from to make it remarkable.

The french Kraft paper can help give a vintage, rustic, and organic feel. On the other hand, there is the pearl metallic that has a beautiful shimmer. It is embedded with pearl fibers. So, this can give a more elegant feel or even can be flashy. 

For a soft touch, the velvet is perfect. It feels like a rose petal, making this paper an ideal choice for any style.

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Make Sure It Is Legible

We don’t say you can’t select a unique font but make sure your guests can read the invitation easily and understand the information.

Remember that some fonts look attractive to the eye, but sometimes guests can have difficulty reading the thin and high-scripted fonts. Therefore, consider the following when choosing the font. 

  • Does the selected font take away or add to your wedding theme?
  • Most importantly, is it legible?
  • Should you use accent fonts in order to break up the design? 

The Wedding Themed?
Themed weddings continue to grow in popularity. With myriad pop culture movies, characters, and books, mega fans take the opportunity to combine what they love with whom they love. However, having a themed wedding provides many design opportunities to make an amazing wedding invitation design.

Keep Your Wedding Design Clean And Simple 

Before starting the design, create a list of the essential information that your guests will need to see. Things like time, date, location and any additional information should not be obstructed or take a backseat to the other elements of the wedding invitation. Also, use contrasting colors, fonts, and layout arrangements to make it easily readable and attractive.

Amazing Wedding Invitation Design

The Best Invitation Designs Use High-Resolution Photography

If you are using photography elements in your invitation design, always make sure that the resolution is 300 dpi. This can be an easily made mistake for those who are not familiar with creating designs for print.  For best results, print an early draft to check which elements are working and which need to be improved. The transition from screen to print can be quite difficult.

Get Creative And Personal – Use Memorable Invitations 

Everyone wants their wedding to be exceptional. So, why not create a memorable invitation?

Be creative with your paper types, card shapes, envelope, or special printing methods. Some printers offer metallic, spot gloss, white inks, and embossing features. Adding small and subtle details can emphasize certain parts of your wedding invitation. They can also give it that polished and finalized look.  

Printing Your Wedding Invitation Masterpiece

If you spend many hours crafting your wedding invitation, you will want an experienced and professional printer to handle the rest.  If you are printing locally, get to know your print shop. Ask for a tour and see in person the paper types and printing methods they offer. If you are using an online printer, get in touch with customer service for additional information before making a purchase.

To Conclude

The wedding invitation game is the tricky one. There is a lot to consider – you have got paper, format, design, font and the list goes on. But fret not! We have mentioned some design tips to make this daunting task easier. If designing is not one of your talents, then you can work with designers and get their wedding invitation services. Well, hiring them is no different. You can get the most out of their experience and can expect the best-desired results.


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